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Q: How do I clean my Tenba bag?

A: Most of our bags can be easily spot cleaned using a sponge or cloth with mildly soapy water. A waxed canvas bag from the Cooper collection can be brushed with a suede brush. If your Cooper bag needs the wax coating refreshed, may we recommend a refinishing wax such as Otter Wax.

Q: What’s the big deal about YKK zippers?

A: YKK is the largest brand-name zipper manufacturer in the world. If you see the YKK stamp on a zipper slider, you know it was manufactured on a top-tier automated machine with incredibly small tolerances for error. Simply put, we only trust YKK zippers for strength and quality over years and years of daily use.

Q: How durable are the bag fabrics?

A: We test our fabrics for abrasion resistance and choose the optimum combination of durability and weight savings. Tenba bags are meant to stand up to the everyday wear and tear of a working professional photographer or filmmaker.

Q: How water-resistant are Tenba bags?

A: The fabrics we select have DWR (durable water resistant) coatings on the front and PU (polyurethane) back coatings to add further water-resistance. While the fabrics are nearly impenetrable to water, the seams/stitch lines, and zippers generally are not. We describe our bags as water-resistant (your gear will stay dry in a rain shower), but not water-proof (please don’t toss your Tenba bag in a lake).

Q: Do you sell replacement parts like a shoulder strap or camera divider that got lost?

A: Yes, please contact our service department,, for purchase of parts for any of our bags.

Q: Where are your bags manufactured?

A: Tenba is co-owner of our own factory in the Guangdong region in China. This location allows us easy access to all of the world’s fabrics and parts components, as well as competitive pricing. By working with a private manufacturer instead of a contract factory, Tenba can ensure quality production, living wages, and compliant working conditions. We visit our facility on a regular basis and are not only proud of our highly skilled staff but call our colleagues our friends.